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Biofuel is an age-old idea that has gained new energy. For biomass is renewable and cost-effective. In fact, the only drawback to biomass has been finding a reliable provider for your company. Until now.
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Alawood is an independent supplier of biomass, providing quick turnaround and virtually any chip product you need. And as a fourth-generation company, you can expect personal treatment with every order. So contact us today. And see why AlaWood is fueling a lot of conversation in the industry.
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Cement Plant
Landscape Company
Paper/Pulp Mill
Pellet Mill
Power Companies

enjoys new attention with more powerplants converting from coal into more eco-friendly options.  AlaWood is ready to supply an industry.
Wood Carpet

100% natural, wood that cannot be made into lumber.  Engineered wood is ideal for impact absorbing, slip-resistant surfaces.

requires wood chips made to highly-customized specifications.  AlaWood is built around fulfilling those unique needs.
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